Praying out loud
Brad Sadler

I’ll bet that you’re like most people, when we see a prayer written out, we say it quietly to ourselves. If that’s you, I want you to try something different. In this series on Prayer Pointers, each prayer pointer will have a prayer at the end. Read it out aloud.

It may feel uncomfortable at first but there are many biblical reasons and advantages to praying a prayer out loud. Here’s a biblical reason for you : most of the prayers (99,99%) in the Bible are vocalised. You will be hard pressed to even find a clear example of an inaudible prayer in the Bible. I believe that praying out loud is a great way to grow your prayer life. There’s nothing wrong with praying silently rather than vocally, God can certainly read our thoughts, and praying silently is not a sin. However, you may be surprised to learn that praying silently is not as biblical as praying out loud.

Why not give praying out loud a bash. Pray this prayer out loud, even if you shut your door or wait until everyone is out the house or your office.

Father, would you help me to have a vibrant and effective prayer life. In the time I spend with you each day, would you keep distractions from me and cause my pray life to grow from strength to strength. Thank you for hearing my every prayer and I count it a joy to be able to speak to you without judgment or condemnation. Blessed be your name.

Was that so hard. See you tomorrow with Prayer Pointer 2.